Cute Chinese Girl: Rosechanel 任斯璐, Rensilu, these Prince Sue Lane.

So, there's a Chinese girl you have in mind that you want to attract, or you want to have a few tricks up your sleeve should the opportunity present itself. That's great, now firstly you should understand something with Chinese girls, it's a rarity for them to find a guy who can even say one word of Chinese, let alone two or three! That being the case, once you have established conversation status with her you can try them out. Let's look at a few simple ones:

1. Wo zhen xi huan nide yifu
I really like your clothes (i.e. you look good in them)

2. Wo jiu de ni shi hao de ren
I feel/think you are a good person.

3. Wo hen gao xin ren shi ni!
I'm so happy to know you.